When you're in a hurry, Retreev makes it easy to get a ride home!

Tap anyone on the Retreev contact list and their address is displayed on the map, along with your location, address and the approximate distance between you.

Try out different contacts to see who is closest. Once you've made your choice, tap the Retreev button to create a message that includes a map showing your location and address. Tap Send and you're done!


Quickly see which of your contacts is closest to your location. Then generate a ride request message with a single tap

Easy setup

Add existing contacts and Retreev creates custom settings and messages for each of them. For example, a contact's home address will be used in preference to a work address when showing their location on the map


Override default settings to create personalized messages for specific contacts, select which address and phone number to use by default, what information to include in the ride request message, etc.

Support and Privacy

If you need support for Retreev you'll find it here. The privacy policy is available here.