No longer available

As of May 21st 2016, this app has been removed from the Windows app store

Having been available free from the Windows app store since September 2013, we've made the business decision to discontinue roundup, along with all our other Windows store apps. We can't justify the continued cost of the Windows Azure database servers, mobile services, etc. and are refocusing our future efforts on the iOS marketplace.

With roundup, you can send your friends an invite to meet at your location. You can see them on the map, and they can see your location and follow walking or driving directions to find you.

Sharing your location is easy

The new share panel makes it quick and easy to share your location with friends, even if they don't have roundup, or a Windows phone. When a friend accepts your invite, you can track their progress on the map.

Using roundup is secure

Only friends who receive your unique invite (via SMS, email, etc.) can see your location. Joining a roundup session is by invitation-only, so nobody can track your location without your permission. Your location is never revealed to anyone you haven't sent an invite to, or accepted an invite from.

Share your location with any smartphone

Now you can share your location with friends who don't have roundup or a Windows phone. With a single tap you can quickly and easily share your location via Bing maps (active location tracking is only available when roundup is installed).


Create a new roundup session

Your friends don't have roundup or a Windows phone?

Got an invite? Just tap the link

See your friends on the map

Get walking or driving directions

Usage Terms & Conditions

The roundup app is appropriate only for non-critical location tracking scenarios. Specifically, roundup should not be used as part of safety- or mission-critical operations.

The app is available free-of-charge as a fully-functional, 15-day trial. You are strongly encouraged to try the app before you purchase in order to test operation with your specific device and in your geographic location.

The full terms & conditions of use for roundup are available here.

Support Information

Support advice and information is available here.

The latest version of roundup is always available from the Windows Phone Store.

roundup was designed to run on any Windows Phone device. We are not currently aware of any problems or bugs related to the operation of the app. If problems are reported, we'll list them on the support page.

Privacy Policy

Because roundup tracks your location and can share that information with your friends, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We have compiled a detailed description of how roundup uses your location, what data is stored, how we use notifications, etc. You are strongly encouraged to review the information provided in the privacy policy.

You can view the full privacy policy for roundup here.