Visual Snippet Library

No longer available

As of May 21st 2016, this app has been removed from the Windows app store

Having been available free from the Windows app store, we've made the business decision to discontinue this app, along with all our other Windows store apps. We can't justify the continued cost of the Windows Azure database servers, mobile services, etc. and are refocusing our future efforts on the iOS marketplace.



What is it?

Visual Snippet Library is a Windows Developer's utility that unlocks the hidden gems in Visual Studio code snippets!

App Features

Visual Snippet Library allows you to open-up your Visual Studio code snippet library so you can quickly browse, search, view, edit and create snippets. Each snippet is represented as a tile, with a live-preview of the code. And every code language has a color-coded background, so you can see the most important snippet properties at a glance.

In February 2013 Visual Snippet Library was a Top-10 App Winner in the Microsoft Windows Creative Bloq App Generator competition!


Support Information

The latest version of Visual Snippet Library is available from the Windows Store.

Visual Snippet Library was designed to run on any Windows-compatible device. We are not currently aware of any problems or bugs related to the operation of the app. If problems are reported, we'll list them here, along with any associated solutions.

Support Contact

If you have any issues with Visual Snippet Library you can contact the author via Twitter (@Russell_Archer).

Privacy Policy

You can view the privacy policy for the app here.