My VSL app is a Top-10 Windows 8 App Competition Winner

25 February 2013

A while back I developed a Windows 8 Store app named Visual Snippet Library. The idea behind it is simple: have a tile-based view of your Visual Studio code snippets, so you can quickly preview the code that's in the snippet file. If you see something you want, you can click-into the details. You can also create and edit snippets, without having to worry about the underlying XML format.

The app passed certification and was published to the Windows 8 App Store in December 2012. Shortly after that, I also entered it into the Creative Bloq App Generator competition that Microsoft was sponsoring.

Earlier this month, I was stunned and delighted to find out that Visual Snippet Library had been selected as one of the top-ten winners!

As a top-10 app winner, I was awarded a Windows 8 Ultrabook (Toshiba Z930), a Windows tablet (ASUS VivoTab Smart) and a Nokia Lumia 920 - very, very nice indeed!

I recently did a presentation at Microsoft's Modern Jago offices on some of my experiences with developing Visual Snippet Library (see this blog post). And I've also done a post on what I'd learned from having two apps published in the store (see here).

Full details of the competition and the winners are available on the Creative Bloq App Generator site.