I'm giving up on Windows Phone

05 November 2015

I've been a long-time Microsoft developer. I started with 8086 assembler and C in the late 1980's using Microsoft Programmer's WorkBench (I pre-date Visual Studio!), developed Windows 3.1 applications with C and the Windows SDK in the early 90's, moved on to C++/MFC, embraced C# and the .NET Framework, and most recently bought into the whole Universal Windows Platform thing.

I began developing Windows Phone 8 apps in early 2013 and had high hopes for the Windows Phone platform. After all, we're talking Microsoft here, and you wouldn't bet against them being successful (eventually), would you?!...

However, at this point it looks like Windows Phone, at least for general consumers, is dead. So, reluctantly, I'm giving up on Microsoft's mobile platform and am headed to pastures new and greener: iOS!!

I've discovered Apple's new Swift language - it looks really excellent, and not a millions miles away from C# (I did play around with Objective-C a few years ago and couldn't get on with it at all). I'll now be embarking on a "period of re-training" in the ways of iOS, UIKit, Xcode, Interface Builder, etc. My aim is to get my first iOS app into the App Store around March/April 2016. In the meantime, our existing Windows/Windows Phone apps will remain available in the store. However, in May 2016 all our Windows/Windows Phone apps will be discontinued and removed from the store. We simply can't justify the continued cost of the Windows Azure database servers, mobile services, etc. required by these apps.

Xcode and iOS here we come!